Thursday, February 21, 2008

A melhor definição de sempre do Capitão América

"Captain America is a symbol for those uniquely American values of truth, justice and liberty - values that you just can't get in other countries. They had some truth once in Malta, but it had been smuggled out by an Arab, and it withered and died without proper care. There were rumours of some justice in the Orkneys, but the UN sent a team to inspect it and it turned out to be a hedgehog. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is a cesspit of malice, deceit and exploitation, its citizens peering out from their tarry mires and turning muck-encrusted eyes towards that unique beacon of light that is America the Exemplar, with a churning maelstrom of resentment and jealousy brimming in their weak, shrivelled hearts. So thank God for Captain America, by jingo. Where would we be without him, fighting for your rights, in his satin tights, in the old red, white and blue?"

Esta estóica descrição foi retirada da listagem dos 50 melhores personagens da Marvel congregada por um tipo da Grã-Bretanha.
Podem consultar essa listagem aqui...


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